UNI, partners release KC-CUR Implementation Strategy to increase real estate investment in urban core

The Urban Neighborhood Initiative (UNI) and its civic partners have announced the release of the Kansas City Catalytic Urban Redevelopment (KC-CUR) Initiative’s KC-CUR Implementation Strategy, a report which is meant to help determine what investments could be made to improve the quality of life within the UNI and spur new real estate activity.

Introduced in Dec. 2014 to over 200 city stakeholders, this collaborative investment strategy is the result of extensive research and neighborhood engagement by the consulting team of Mosaic Urban Partners, a Washington D.C.- based real estate development and advisory services firm, and Kansas City’s DRAW Architecture + Urban Design.

Several organizations in Kansas City partnered to create the strategy, including Greater Kansas City LISC, the City of Kansas City, Missouri (KCMO), Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) and the Kansas City District Council of the Urban Land Institute. Use the following link to view or download the KC-CUR Implementation Strategy in its entirety.

Released in October 2016, the KC-CUR Implementation Strategy strives to overcome some of Kansas City’s most entrenched barriers to creating healthy markets east of Troost. The recommendations are based on the principles of focusing resources, investing in public infrastructure, leveraging multi-sector capital resources and building-up the resident population to cultivate a local, vibrant economy.

UNI will act as the “Implementation Delivery System” for KC-CUR, which means it will build the internal talent and financial balance sheet to function as a master developer and successfully compete for local and national public funding.

The initiative selected four Priority Areas within the community to provide a compelling stage for focused, sustained investments that can have a ripple effect and strengthen the prosperity for the entire UNI. Researchers engaged a broad range of residents and stakeholders in the UNI area, as well as experts from around the city.

This video produced by the Kansas City Museum offers a glimpse of the heart of long-standing residents that contributed to KC-CUR.