Once you have the house, it may need rehabbing.  Or you may be someone who’s business is rehabbing homes for resale.  This page is provided for you.



For the Rehabber
Theft Prevention During Rehab 

The following actions have been very successful over many years.

  • Secure the structure: board up windows and back door FROM THE INSIDE; set screws deeply
  • Immediately clean up yard and trim back bushes
  • Secure front door with heavy duty storm door and multiple pad locks
  • Turn on the electricity (takes three or four days)
  • Set up “Simpli Safe” or similar interior alarm system ($350 at big box stores)
    • Connects to cell phone and Patrol Division
    • Each contractor has his or her own code; Rehabber is alerted when subcontractors code in (also lets rehabber know what time they start work)
    • Uses multiple alarm systems in large structures to ensure all doors and windows are alarmed.
  • Use only plastic plumbing PEX.
  • Introduce self to neighbors; offer $100 if they report a break in as it is happening.
  • Don’t install furnace unless it is winter and contractors need it; wait until occupied
  • Place alarm sign on exterior.