The Vacant Properties Community Impact Initiative

There are an estimated 3,900 vacant houses an lots in the UNI neighborhoods. In response, UNI is leading the “Vacant to Vibrant: the Vacant Properties Community Impact Initiative” (V2V), a group of 45 community leaders representing more than 30 organizations. Active partners include federal government agencies, KCMO City Departments, developers and real estate entities, Legal Aid of Western Missouri, UMKC and the Mid-America Regional Council. V2V action teams were former to work on four critical parts of the process. 

“There are an estimated 3,900 vacant houses and lots in the UNI neighborhoods.”

Action Groups


Clearing Titles

IIn May 2017 this group published Stimulating Redevelopment by Clearing Tax Sale Titles which delineated the problem, cost and potential strategies for addressing clouded titles. “Working towards insurable tax titles is the most impactful avenue for reinvestment in vacant and distressed properties in the urban core.” This document is serving as a guide to action as the group seeks resolution to this seemingly intractable problem.

 8:30am to 9:30am

2nd & 4th Thursdays



Promoting Equitable Neighborhoods 

Twice monthly, 18 to 24 participants from many disciplines come together to find ways to ensure low and moderate income families have housing they can afford. Partners include:

  • real estate agents and brokers
  • attorneys
  • law enforcement
  • small construction companies
  • health care institutions
  • community development organizations

Affordable Housing Recommendations – This document contains policy recommendations made by Promoting Equitable Neighborhoods Affordable Housing Task Force, submitted to the City in the fall of 2018.

Four subgroups have been formed, convening during one of the two monthly meetings so that work could advance on multiple fronts.

  1. Set Aside Policy Advocacy – Advocacy for a 20% of new residential development in Kansas City to be set aside for families earning 50% of the area median income. This group has created a draft Set Aside Ordinance for consideration by the City.   
  2. Housing Trust Fund – Advocacy and strategies for a housing trust fund which was an ordinance passed in 2019. 
  3. Incentives Reform
  4. Messaging and Communication

(This workgroup includes the former Securing Funding Workgroup.)


 9:00am to 10:30am

1st & 3rd Thursdays




Green Spaces and Urban Farms

There are many more vacant lots across the city than vacant structures.

In 2018 this group published its second addition of A Guide to Working with Lots. It helps residents to assess lots and features eight templates that provide detailed planning and installation instructions to create healthy and attractive green spaces.  There are several new templates “in the works”.

In December of 2019, a Regional Vacant Lot Summit was held. response was so good, that a more localized version is being planned for late 2020 as a virtual meeting to expand access and provide a safe environment for participants.

With our partners, including  Cultivate KC, it has recently published a second document – Urban Farming in Kansas City. This document provides a wealth of information to help individuals determine whether starting a farm as a part time commercial enterprise is for them.

 9:30am to 11am

2nd Fridays



UNI Partner Meetings

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