Neighborhood Momentum

The motto of Key Coalition is ‘neighbors working together to build a strong community’ and recently, their efforts are beginning to come to fruition.

A confluence of several events have the area poised for investment:

  • Key Coalition is now an official Urban Renewal Area providing them more tools to accomplish their goals;
  • Last fall, DRAW Architecture + Urban Design crafted resident input into a neighborhood design plan;
  • KCATA is awaiting word on funding for Prospect Max bus line and the Prospect corridor has been selected as a KC-CUR priority area for commercial development.
  • Quite recently, ground was broken for the building of a new Sun Fresh Market, concrete evidence of the changes on the horizon.

Key Coalition: A Diverse Community

Key Coalition is proud that they have a diverse, faith-bases community offering opportunities to worship in six different faiths: AME, Baptist, Church of God in Christ, Muslim, and non-denominational. 

Spring Valley Park

Spring Valley Park gets its name from the six springs that used to flow within the 33 acres acquired for the park – located in a valley.

In 1991, a statue was placed in the park to honor Bernard Powell, a local community leader slain in 1979. Mr. Powell (1947-1979) worked for civil rights in the 1960’s and later helped establish a group t promote job training for black youth, as well as encouraging neighborhood beautification with the theme of “Ghetto or Goldmine – the Choice is Yours!” The statue was placed across the street from the Powell family home.

Spring Valley Park – located between 27th St. on the north, Garfield and Brooklyn Ave. on the east, 29th St. on the south and Woodland Ave. and Vine St. on the west. A 1905 Kansas City Star article said that it was estimated hundreds of people would come to drink the spring water every day.