Neighborhood History

Around 1880, James Jordon Squier decided to build the family homestead southeast of downtown Kansas City. The family home took up an entire block on Troost Avenue while Squier Manor grounds covered 52 acres – becoming one of the most beautiful estates in the state of Missouri. The grounds included winding roads through groves of huge forests, fishing ponds a deer park, ornamental and vegetable gardens, shrubbery and flowers. Squier Manor was an object of interest that dominated the country side south of downtown.

Unique Housing Stock

n 1908 the family decided to develop the estate into residential homes, except for the block Squier Manor was built on. Each home had a large front yard and unique style. The original owners of Squier Park homes were upper-middle-class citizens of Kansas City. They were attorneys, successful entrepreneurs, presidents, vice-presidents, and managers of various companies, selling everything from automobiles and jewelry to lumber and iron. There were numerous high-ranking officials in the railroad industry; others worked in more creative fields as artists and architects.

National Register of Historic Places

The Great Depression began a period of decline for Squier Park. Many of the large houses in the neighborhood were converted into rooming houses or were simply left vacant. After World War II, flight to the suburbs sent Kansas City’s population into a steep decline. The population center of the city moved south and east, away from Squier Park, and Troost Avenue became a dividing line in the city. Today, Squier Park has matured into a vibrant and active neighborhood. In 2012, it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, making it only the second residential district east of Troost Avenue to receive the designation.


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Many Squier Park homes feature large front yards and unique architectural details; the area is still home to a number of successful professionals and families.