Partners Growing Kansas City’s Core

The Urban Neighborhood Initiative is dedicated to breaking the inter-generational cycle of poverty by helping to build healthy  neighborhoods that enable all children and families to succeed and thrive.

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Our Major Work Areas

Most of UNI’s time and energy is committed to three initiatives that together address out priority areas of prosperity safety, health, and education:

  • Vacant to Vibrant – Transforming Vacant Spaces to Vibrant Places
  • The Phillips Collective – A Purpose Built Community
  • Kansas City Catalytic Urban Redevelopment (KCCUR)

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Urban Neighborhood Initiative


Our Neighborhoods

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Share Your Voice

Will you take our 8-minute survey? The Kansas City Catalytic Urban Redevelopment (KC-CUR) initiative wants to know what you need to sustain and grow your business. Minority and women-owned businesses — just like yours — are the anchors in our communities and we value the economic stability that you bring to Kansas City’s near east side.  Sharing your experiences with us through this survey will help to bridge the gaps between resources, opportunity and entrepreneurs. Eligible participants can take the 8 minute survey here:

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Our Neighborhoods

Long before the Urban Neighborhood Initiative was even an idea, neighborhood organizations were already hard at work, intent on improving and revitalizing the communities in which they live. Our neighborhood partners have been and are essential to UNI’s success.

Our partners are building community gardens, orchards, and playgrounds, and working on streetscapes, new curbs, and sidewalks. They’re working to decrease crime and close drug houses. They’re developing block leader programs and hosting clean-up and dumpster days.