Our Team


President & CEO

Jamee earned a Doctor in Philosophy with a focus in Executive Leadership, as well as a Master of Arts with a focus in Ministry and Nonprofit Organizational Leadership.  Additionally, he has completed relevant fellowships, including John Maxwell Leadership and Prosperity Now Racial Wealth Divide. He is a Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach and Certified John Maxwell DISC Assessment Trainer Consultant.

Jamee Rodgers
Shalaunda Holmes


Housing and Real Estate Development Director


Shalaunda earned a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning with an emphasis in Housing & Community Development and has over 15 years experience in real estate development. Her background has given her the opportunity to work with various cities and communities to address housing needs.


Operations Director

Shalom holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Legal Studies and has over eight years of experience as a data analyst, specializing in database infrastructure design and maintenance. Passionate about data analytics, Shalom is dedicated to generating accurate and efficient data reports crucial for organizational success. Additionally, Shalom is actively pursuing a professional certification in HR, reflecting a growing interest in leveraging human resources to create thriving work environments.
Shalom Jima


Community Impact Director

Sakina earned a Master of Public Adminstration with an emphasis in Nonprofit Management and Leadership. Her background has given her the opportunity to collaborate with those facing housing insecrurities to combat the barriers faced when attempting to obtain housing.



Community Engagement Coordinator


Saleem earned a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and Communications and has served in various leadership roles as a community organizer. Saleem is a staunch advocate for being a voice for the underserved segments of our population and reinvesting in the disinvested neighborhoods in our community.

Saleem Rasheed


Senior Program Coordinator of Youth Services

DaMont Holloway is deeply dedicated to the residents of Kansas City, with a particular focus on the city’s youth. He brings extensive experience in social services, including case management and leading youth groups. Currently, DaMont is actively working towards earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Studies from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, complemented by a minor in Criminal Justice.

UNI Block Connectors

Shaheer Akhtab


Courtanie Beasley


Mary Quarles