Center City


The Center City Neighborhood Association encompasses a 12-square-block area bordered by Troost to Paseo and 31st Street to Armour Boulevard. It began redevelopment efforts in 2002 which, over time, have expanded into a wide-ranging neighborhood sustainability and stabilization program. The goal is to engage residents and partners in the planning and decision-making that will result in a walk-able, accessible, vibrant and safe place to live.


One of Center City’s proudest achievements is the design and installation of a road-side rain garden in conjunction with a curb and sidewalk project. The City installed the curbs and sidewalks, and Center City, using donated funds and volunteers, installed the rain garden.

This garden captures 5,000-8,000 gallons of water from the street during heavy storms – returning it to the water table and the natural environment. This project beautifies the Center City neighborhood and makes a contribution to the City’s Overflow Control Program (OCP).

Residents have used the roadside park as an opportunity to educate Lee A. Tolbert Community Academy students about “green design” and stormwater run off.


A significant commercial redevelopment effort called Legacy Crossing is also underway on Center City’s Troost border between 31st Street and Linwood. This area was once home to a Jones Store, J.C. Penney’s, Kresge’s, Baker’s Shoes, a theater and other retail stores. Selection as a KC-CUR priority area will build upon momentum to bring commercial life back.